staff training event Halle/westfalen

23-27 september 2019

Tuesday 24/09/2019

1. Workshop - Digital Teaching

  • Presentation of the Media Concept of BKH by Carla Merschhaus​

  • Presentation of best practice examples of „Digital Learning“ by Cornelia Kramer (I tunes You, Sprechmemos,,,, ChatterPix,,, Green Screen by Do Ink,,, #twitterlehrerzimmer, …)

2. Working session - What do we want to accomplish this year?

Creation and publication of a children’s book about the common European values

The book is destined to children aged 6 to 8. Every partner school will work on one value. Values promoted in the book will be the following:

  • Italy: tolerance towards religions and cultures, acceptance of diversity

  • Norway: gender equality between men and women

  • Netherlands: respect towards other groups (care and inclusion of disabled and  elderly people, gender issues, sexuality/gender identity)

  • German: freedom in general and freedom of expression and information in particular

  • Luxembourg: multicultural society and integration of many cultures

Moreover, the following decisions have been taken:

  • Italian students will make the drawings.

  • Ideally, two pages are proposed for each value with no more than 100 words per page.

  • Jules will find out if the publisher in Luxembourg can publish a certain quantity of books in English as well as the Luxembourgish/French version.

  • The Luxembourgish partner school will connect the different stories together.

  • It will be a fantasy and European story.

  • Each community of people where the dragons are passing has his own special value they are proud of, but at the end they will defend the values together as European values.

  • Between the stories, the dragons are flying to the different communities. Therefore, the route has to be put on the map. At the beginning of the book, there should be a map to show the whole area with all the communities and then one more map for each chapter showing only the community of the chapter.

  • The introduction and the epilogue of the book will be done by the Luxembourgish students.

  • Supplementary teaching material will be created by the students in international groups so that the book can be used during school lessons.

  • Discussion about the gender of the dragons. It is decided that there will be three main dragons - 1 evil female dragon called SALVAGIA, 1 good female dragon called EURA and 1 good male dragon called EURUS.

  • In order not to surcharge the story, only 1 more character is allowed per country.

  • International groups will be created before the meeting in Leeuwarden in March 2020. These international groups will decide by themselves on which platform they’d like to work and share their documents.

  • All students will write a profile about themselves before the 11th of October so that the students at the bilateral meeting can create the groups. The profile should contain: name, email, phone number, Instagram account, interests, what they are good at and which three values they would like to work with.

  • When students will start to work in international groups, they are free to create whatever they want, but when they’re stuck, teachers give them their ideas.

Deadlines before the transnational meeting in March 2020

  • Before 14/10/19: Student profiles have to be sent to the Dutch or the Italian partner.

  • 14/10/19: The Luxemburgish partner will send the newest plan of the book to the other partners.

  • 14-20/10/19: Bilateral meeting in Sciacca where the procedure for the creation of international groups will be elaborated by Dutch and Italian students.

  • 15/11/19: First draft of the different parts of the story to be send to Jules.

  • 15/11/19: First proposal for the drawings/illustrations to be sent to Jules by the Art group of Sciacca.

  • 15/11/19: All information about the story and all the characters to be send to the Art group in Italy.

  • 15/11/19: Students will be informed about the group/value they’ll work with and what they’re going to talk about during their first Skype call.

  • 01/12/19: Jules and Maria need to fix the deadlines for the illustrations. The latter should be all done before the meeting in Leeuwarden.

  • 15/12/19: Final draft of the different parts of the story have to be send to Jules.

  • 15/12/19: Introduction and epilogue of the book needs to be finished.

  • 15/12/19: Last date for a first video conference of the international groups where they should get to know each other and talk about how they will organize themselves after the Christmas holidays.

  • After Christmas break: Start of working in international groups

  • 15/02/20: every international group needs to communicate what their learning material is and what they need (time, material …) to finish their product in Leeuwarden in March 2020.

Working in international groups – Preparation at bilateral meeting in Sciacca

  • 7 groups of about 5 to 6 students will be created: Media/Trailer group, Music group, 1 teaching material group for each value + 1 Art group for the illustrations.

  • Students decide how and when to meet for video conferences and how to work on their learning material – A proposition will be made in Sciacca during the bilateral meeting.

  • Teachers suggest students to use OneDrive to share material, but in the end it’s up to the students.

  • The students should think about all the things they need to do during the full meeting.

Student work to do at the transnational meeting in Leeuwarden

  • Media/trailer group: A “video of the week” will be done. A trailer for the book and teaching material will be finalized. The trailer should be about 1 minute long with music, pictures and illustrations without voiceover as it’s for children from 6-12 years. The trailer should be prepared before the meeting with at least a finished storyboard. The media/trailer group can split during the week in Leeuwarden, some students working on the video of the week and others working on the trailer.

  • Music group: This group has to create the playlist for the Farewell party and are responsible for creating a LTE-Song and rehearse it for the final presentation.

  • Value groups: They will present their learning materials to the other groups on Monday, try it out on Tuesday morning and continue to work on it if they need to.

  • Dance/Art group: This group will continue with the illustrations of the children’s book if changes of last minute have to be done. Eventually, members of this group can cooperate with the Media/trailer group and/or the Music group in preparation for the final presentation at school in Leeuwarden.

Learning material

  • Teachers manual will be organized chapter by chapter.

  • The tools can be of all kind (song, trailer, teaching material…)

  • There should be a direct link to the teaching material. The materials could be put on a CD Rom or integrated to the website of “Let’s teach Europe”. A link to the website by QR code on the book could be a possibility.

  • Work forms should be more or less finished when arriving at the transnational meeting in Leeuwarden, except for what needs to be done physically, seeing each other and working together.

Data protection

  • The data of students should be send by encrypted Emails.

  • Don’t forget an agreement letter from the parents of minor students for pictures etc.

wednesday 25/09/2019

1. Application for a new project mid-march 2020


  • 2 years project

  • Digital detox – Back to the roots

  • Training of ancient cultural techniques

  • Knowing how to read a map, compass, knit, how to cook, teaching old skills

  • How can this project be useful for students? This could be realized by intergenerational teaching with mutual benefits for the youngsters as well as the older generation


  • Two full meetings: The first full meeting should be if possible in Norway or, if not possible, somewhere else in a country not member of the partnership (we have to ask if this is possible). The second full meeting should take place in  Germany (Bad Arolsen, Twistesee, …)

  • Two staff meetings: Organization of workshops about intergenerational learning, digital detox, cultural heritage … First meeting in the Netherlands, second meeting in Sciacca.

  • One evaluation meeting: This meeting will take place in Luxembourg

  • Bilateral meetings: Normally, no bilateral meetings will take place

Ideas of program

  • Title of the project: “Back to the roots - B2R” or “Since the year dot” or “Anno whatsoever”

  • Logo: Picture with a tree

  • Focus of the project: Food, Keeping in contact with others without digital material, Learning old skills, Detox first and then living the experience in different ways, living in a natural surrounding without modern technologies …

  • Bringing recipes out of cook books instead of the internet

  • Transporting letters (how long does it take to post a letter instead of sending text messages)

  • Intergeneration: how was the communication before NTC, information and communication during wartime, first internet connection, first PC, first phone, telegraph, free time 50 years ago …

  • What’s the European aspect? Culture heritage aspects in different countries, what did countries do to survive, cook national dishes …

  • Activities throughout the year? Students could meet elder generations and learn from them (communication, reflect how we used to get food because today we do not need to do anything to get food …)

  • The phone should only be used to make appointments and not to communicate. Teachers need to explain the students why it can be useful to leave their phone and learn old skills.

  • Example of workshops: How fix old clothes! Why should students buy new items all the time instead of keeping what they have (sustainability). How to make a fire?

Coordinator of the project

​The coordination will normally been taken over by the Luxemburgish partner. Alternatively, the Norwegian partner could take over the coordination.

Thursday 26/09/2019

1. Workshop with Europe direct information center – Games in school

Europe Direct is a decentralized, local based network, funded by the EU-commission. His purpose is to bring the European project closer to the citizens. There are actually 47 EDIC in Germany and more than 400 EDIC in the EU.

The EU makes a difference to our life – Find out!

  • #EUANDME – videos and stories about opportunities for young EU citizens

  • EU protects – every day the EU connects people and helps them corporate across borders to protect them

  • What Europe does for me

  • Citizens’ app

  • EU results

  • Benefits of the euro

Presentation of different kind of games to promote and understand the EU

  • 1,2,3 letzte Chance vorbei – Question jump

  • Länderrelief erkennen

  • Right or wrong

  • Europa Puzzle

  • Which capital cities belong to which country

  • Tabu

The EU makes a difference to our life – Find out!

  • #EUANDME – videos and stories about opportunities for young EU citizens

  • EU protects – every day the EU connects people and helps them corporate across borders to protect them

  • What Europe does for me

  • Citizens’ app

  • EU results

  • Benefits of the euro

2. Program of the transnational meeting in Leeuwarden

The meeting will take place in Schoorl – Dopersduin (

Arrival Day: Sunday 8th March 2020

Day 1: Monday 9th March 2020

  • Morning: Welcome games planned by German teachers (a couple of games 30min-60min)

  • Presentations by partner schools about their school and the country, culture …  PowerPoint, movie … 5 minutes per school

  • Afternoon: Presentations of Leeuwarden and Sciacca about their work during the bilateral meeting in Italy

  • Presentation of structure of the children’s book as well as excerpts of the book by Luxembourg and Italian students

  • Evening: Work in international groups

  • The international groups present their ideas and realizations

  • Sports night (Viking chess)

Day 2: Tuesday 10th March 2020

  • Morning: Working session to finish learning materials

  • Afternoon: Photo Rally in Alkmaar by using the same questionnaire as in Sciacca. The presentation of the photographs need to be ready for the evening - 5 new international groups with approximately 2 students of each partner school.

  • Evening: Working session and presentation of the photo Rally

Day 3: Wednesday 11th March 2020

  • Trip to Amsterdam with a visit of the Anne Frank Museum and a boat tour

Day 4: Thursday 12th March 2020

  • Morning: Presentation of the learning material

  • Afternoon: Rehearsal of presentation for next day

  • Free time

  • Evening: Second rehearsal of the presentation if necessary

Day 5: Friday 13th March 2020

  • Morning: Trip to Leeuwarden

  • General repetition of the presentation

  • Afternoon: Final presentation at school

  • Visit of the school and the center of Leeuwarden

  • Evening: Farewell Party

Departure Day: Saturday 14th March 2020

3. Responsibility of each country in Leeuwarden

  • Molde: Dishes on Monday; creation of the kitchen and photo Rally groups; creation of 3 posters: one for kitchen groups, one for photo Rallye groups and one for international groups

  • Wiltz: Dishes on Friday, presentation of the children’s book on Monday evening

  • Leeuwarden: Dishes on Wednesday; name tags; plan of the day on Monday and Wednesday

  • Halle/Westfalen: Dishes on Thursday; welcome games; tasks for the photo Rally, plan of the day with Rosalie on Thursday

  • Sciacca: Dishes on Tuesday; plan of the day together with Rosalie on Tuesday

4. Last Meeting in Wiltz : week of 18th – 21st of May

Presentation of the products of the two years with a special accent on the children’s book. Evaluation of the project. Each country invites their headmaster.

Friday 27/09/2019

Evaluation session about the finishing meeting and preview of the coming months’.