The goal of our trip to Sicily was to collect and exchange information from the five different countries. The different countries who have participated in this project were: the Netherlands, UK, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg. We have worked a full school-year on our project beforehand. The travel lasted 6 to 7 days. In the following we will present you everything in detail.


Saturday 12th March:

Saturday was the arrival day of the four delegations.  We all arrived on the airport of Palermo. Since Luxembourg and UK arrived almost at the same time, we took the same bus to get to our hotel, Alicudi Club, in Sciacca. Arriving at the hotel, we were all warm-heartedly welcomed by the staff and the Italian delegation. After a quick dinner we all got settled in our hotel rooms. We were all very happy to finally be able to shower. 


Sunday 13th March:

Shortly after midnight, the Germans and Netherlands have arrived at our hotel. After breakfast we’ve met up at the conference centre. First of all the Italian delegation welcomed us with a presentation of our project. They`ve given us a backpack from Erasmus+ and a friendship bracelet as a welcome gift. Afterwards the Germans presented us a game called “snowball fight”, which had as a goal to get to know each other a little better. Everybody had to write their name, age and a random fact about themselves on a white paper sheet before crumpling it into a small ball. Then we started tossing them around and finally had to present the person on our sheet.

Then we took a quick walk on the beach all together.  After lunch we played football, or at least looked at people playing football in the sun.

When we met up in the conference centre we all compared our notes on four different topics. So we could get to know each other better we all ate diner in our groups.

After dinner the Italians showed us the movie they were working on and we`ve all presented our schools. Then, around half past eleven our day was slowly coming to an end.


Monday 14th March:

Shortly after breakfast, we visited Agrigento for a guided tour. Our guide told us everything there was to know about the temples. We’ve spent five hours in the burning sun learning about Agrigento’s history.

We finally arrived just in time for lunch. Afterwards we finished and presented our work of the different topics. We mainly focused on similarities and differences in the five countries and tried to explain these differences. If our topic allowed it we also tried to find a global solution. Then we were all divided all up into eight different theatrical groups. The two best sketches were supposed to be presented on Thursday in front of the press. After dinner the Netherlands and Germans presented their work.


Tuesday 15th March:

After breakfast we’ve visited the church on top of Saint Mountain where some kind of prophet has lived and the hot air fumes healed deaf people. We`ve also had the opportunity to visit a museum and learn about how the caves and the rising of the hot air was made possible during the past centuries. There was also an almost completely new hotel on top of that mountain which was open for about a week before being shut down by the government.

Then we went into the historical part of Sciacca. Here we took a walk through the city centre and were warm heartedly greeted by the assistant of the mayor. Afterwards we had free time and let ourselves be shown around their city.

After lunch and a short free time spend outside the theatrical groups met up again to finish working on the scripts. Those who did most of their work the day before had the possibility to spend the whole afternoon outside while the others had to keep working.

After dinner we`ve presented our script and the three best groups were chosen by the other students.


Wednesday 16th March:

Early in the morning the bus started in direction of Palermo. To show our solidarity, we`ve all took the backpacks we got the first day. This way we could also find each other if we`ve got separated in the crowd. Our lovely guide presented us two amazing churches before giving us a quick tour of the most special places of Palermo. Once we`ve reached the opera we`ve parted ways and enjoyed a few hours on our own. Once it started raining we`ve also left with the bus to go back to our hotel.

After dinner we practiced for the press conference the next day.


Thursday 17th March:

After breakfast we were shown the school of the Italian delegation. We had the chance to see the amazing artwork the Italian students have made for our project and also signed one of their paintings. Their whole school resembled an art exhibition. After a quick snack the schools were given ceramic plates the students have made for us.

Then we went over to another school for the press conference. There we`ve presented everything we`ve worked on over the past couple of months.

After lunch we had the choice to go back to Sciacca or stay at the hotel and go down to the beach.

In the evening we`ve all got ready together before a farewell party where one of the Italian students was DJ without any illegal substances.


Friday 18th March:

This morning all the delegations except the Luxemburgish one, have left. Since there was no one else in the hotel, we had free time and could either sleep off last week’s exhaustion, watch a movie or walk around the hotel site. Since Friday is arrival and departure day in the hotel, all activities, including sports, were closed for the day.

In the evening we`ve met up with the Italians for dinner and even tasted sweet pizza with Nutella on top of it.


Saturday 19th March:

Our delegation left as well. We`ve almost missed our flight through, because the bus driver thought that we wanted to go to the airport of Palermo instead of the airport of Trapani. Most of us had a food poisoning and had to skip the last two days of school before our Easter break.

The goal of our trip in Sicily

Bridges to the Future - Erasmus+

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